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Thursday, 22 February 2018
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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is widely used for mechanical engineering, aeronautical and environmental applications, petroleum extraction and chemical engineering processes. For biological and biomedical applications, CFD has supported modeling of biological fluids, assisting, for instance, in designing drug-delivery stents (DES). Modeling of biological solid systems, on the other hand, is critical and more challenging, since both soft and hard tissues are difficult to characterize. Design parameters for implants required to repair diseased or injured tissues are key issues for the development of tissue engineering products and reliable computer simulations are required. Popular commercial CFD softwares seem to be somewhat limited in offering off-the-shelf solutions to tissue engineering problems. Complex diffusion-interaction models as occur in soft and hard moving-boundary tissues are not so straightforward to feed as pure fluid systems.

In our group we interested in developing advanced mathematical models for tissue engineering applications, including coupling of commercial CFD-in house software. Applications cover areas such as stent development and other drug-eluting systems.

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