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Thursday, 22 February 2018
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*       Clinical and Neurochemical Pre-Clinical Studies

We are currently following possible therapeutic strategy for Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) through intake of a product called Face®, commercialized as a poll of amino acids. Our study covered the implementation of a randomized, double blind, clinical study, application of psychometric tests and neurochemical experimental studies with Wistars rats. This research aspired exclusively to study the pool of amino acids as a therapeutic natural product, without nonetheless considering the individual effect of its biochemical components. The clinical study was implemented through a questionnaire (before and after intervention) applied to 43 FXS individuals, showing significance for the symptoms of learning, behavior and emotions of pre-mutation and affected patients. The so-called gray zone patients did not present significant improvements. The following psychometric exams were applied (before and after intervention) to 13 affected individuals: ATA Test, Mini-Exam of Mental State, and
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales. The results for the three tests have been significant for the affected individuals under study, showing important positive changes in cognitive area, learning, social behavior and, surprisingly, with respect to their autistic characteristics. There have been also accomplished laboratorial experiments with animal models (Wistars rats) in order to evaluate the activity of glutamate transporters, to determinate the concentration of ammonia (toxicity) and cellular viability, after being treated for 60 days with oral intake of the amino acid pool  (Face®) and with saline control solution. Significant changes were found in the Na+ dependent and Na+ independent glutamate transporters, after 30 days of intake. At the dose levels investigated, Face® has shown to be a nontoxic product. It produced significant effects on mental state, characteristic autistic and social behaviors, on learning, and on related emotional characteristics of the subjects studied.

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