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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Is Genomic Engineering part of Chemical Engineering? PDF Print
The straight answer is no! Genomic engineering is neither part of chemical engineering nor of any other branch of engineering or biological sciences. Although we are starting seeing some (somewhat) formal programs in genomic engineering, the discipline is usually spread over different names and departments. To a certain extent, genomic engineering (or genome engineering as one could also call) is sometimes called systems biology, bioengineering, bioprocess engineering, or biomedical engineering. It is worth noticing, though, that the genomic engineering concept is closely related to the study of genome-wide information, either at the level of nucleotide (or amino acid) sequences or of the cellular properties, as a result of changing internal metabolism. Since both require molecular information and processing, chemical engineering fundamentals is very likely to assist in most of the interesting genomic engineering projects.
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