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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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Genomic engineering is the integration of post-genomics bioinformatics and computational biology, metabolic engineering, and molecular tissue engineering, all that dealing with DNA sequence information organization flow and regulation, to develop new processes and products based on functional and structural applied genomics. The Genomic Engineering Group (GEG) – a CNPq credentiated research group – is a multi-disciplinary research and development team aimed to apply post-genomics information to create innovative biomedical and biotechnological processes and products.

Genomic Engineering at UFSC:

Genomic Engineering at UFSC is currently associated with the Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering (CPGENQ). Most of the Masters and PhD students joined the Integrated Technologies Laboratory (InteLAB), under the supervision of Prof. Luismar Marques Porto and under the supervision of Prof. Regina Vasconcellos Antônio, at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Microorganisms Laboratory.

Genomic Engineering in the Santa Catarina State:

As an effort to integrate other initiatives in Genomic Engineering, particularly dealing with post-genomics bioinformatics and molecular biology, we have created the Santa Catarina State Genomic Engineering Network (SCgenet). 

SCgenet is a network of research projects and individuals committed to integrated all sorts of post-genomics initiatives, including systems biology, and metabolic and tissue engineering applications.

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